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Feel Me Update

So .. I finally got my own computer (rejoice). Now I just need to get a bit more memory, but I disgress.

I'm going to post a photo of me later (I think) .. let me know what you all think .. good or bad.


I've got emlo jammy bottems on!

Classix Butterfly (2)

So I got my butterfly in the mail today.
I must admit I think I look at bit silly with it strapped on, but alas .. its all good =)


Classix Butterfly

It is taking forever to get here & I need to get off.

:: Waves ::

I would like to extend a warm & delighted 'hello' to all my new Livejournal friends. This week is going to prove to be a long one, as it is only Tuesday & I feel as if it should be 2 weeks in the future. Tomorrow for VD Day (as I affectionately call it) I will be shaking my ass at the restaurant in a new hot little number (well top anyway), and working until Midnight. Joy. I will leave you all with some ”adultCollapse ) under the cut.
Disclaimer. This is in no way condoning the rape and abuse of children.

Pervert is defined as a person who turns away from what is right and good or one who practices sexual perversion. Sexual perversion is defined as an aberrant sexual practice that is preferred to normal intercourse. An exhibitionist is someone with a compulsive desire to expose the genitals.

Or so they say . . .

I ask the title question because weekly now we are subjected to the “Catch a Predator” series on television (at least those of us in the U.S.), and I can’t help but to feel a bit at fault.

Now the following is part confession, part realization and if you choose to judge me then so be it … but I was once one of the decoys. Well not a decoy I was the real thing. When I was younger (I think I got my hands on the ‘net when I was 12) I began showing my bare self online for those whom I deemed worthy to see. In the beginning I didn’t have a webcam so I would straddle the scanner or press my young yet ample breasts upon the cold glass and sit back as the praise and admiration flowed in. I would become wet at the thought of other people becoming hard and pleasuring themselves with my photograph. I did this all without being asked, I wanted to show myself. I am sure there were others like me, young girls who just longed to be filled with an erect organ so large that it would make them cry. However, this was safer … online and not in person, a digital fantasy.

Unfortunately though society has changed and human habits stay the same. Once upon a time it was not uncommon for older men to take young girls as wives, but now it is wrong to even admit that used to happen.

Who is the predator, who is the perv?

.welcome to the jungle.

not a whore.
not a slut.
.& no I will never be done up the butt.

Of course that doesn’t mean that being called “whore” and “slut” doesn’t sometimes get my blood pumping, and that hearing how someone wants to ram their giant cock up my ass doesn’t turn me on.

Damn, contradictions.

I believe I am getting wet right now.

Anyways, I digress.

Welcome to my journal, I’m Noel. I’m new to Livejournal, eager for life and tired of the same old 8:30 – 5. However, since there is no magic pill to rid me of the daily grind, I have decided to come here to release. I look forward to all that things that I hope this experience will bring.


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